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About Us

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Who Are We?

We are Empire Business Solutions (EBS). Established in 2018 we support Government, local & International businesses in Afghanistan. Our comprehensive and dedicated services are designed to assist customers with achieving true business transparency in Human Resource, business development/education/training/linguistic and professional staffing.

What Do We Do?

Ensuring proper job placement and timely hiring cycles have always been an issue for governments, organizations and companies over the years. Having dealt with these issues over the years we decided to develop a professional and transparent human resource system for the first time in Afghanistan. This system supports and promotes good governance and business development.


Create value for the country we live in, from the products and services we make to the ways in which we give back to our society.


EBS is dedicated to improving true transparency in business services across the country by providing access to quality employment, business development and professional staffing.

Our Goals

Building trust where people rely on true business transparency and creating jobs as per the applicant field of expertise.

EBS Team

Our professional team are experienced business analysts, talented Human Resource specialists, Business Development professionals, linguists and technical trainers. EBS multi-cultural office environment consists of local and expatriate specialists working to provide quality services to our customers across the country.

EBS as a third party

for significant business process often a third party is being hired to manage, monitor and evaluate the business process. We as a third party will ensure delivering accurate services disregard to any parties’ intervention.