We understand the challenges that Government Agencies/National & International Organizations/Private Sector and candidates have faced over the past decade, thus we are committed to creating an ideal platform for the first time in Afghanistan to connect both employers and job seekers in a professional manner.  At the same time, we are opening doors to enable qualified candidates to further their career growth and experience true transparency for the first time in Afghanistan’s employment history.  

Ensuring proper job placement and timely hiring cycles will not be an issue when working with Empire Business Solutions. Having dealt with these issues over the years we decided to develop a professional and transparent human resource system for the first time in Afghanistan. This system supports and promotes good governance and business development.

Grand Empire offers the following services and programs in staffing solutions.

  • Confidential Candidate Interviews and Profiles
  • Full Employer Recruitment Services – we will recruit your entire staff from labor to CEO.
  • Specific position recruitment – if you are looking to fill a particular role we will find your best fit candidate.
  • Develop Position Descriptions and HR Policies.
  • Training Programs built to suit your company needs.
  • Interpreter and Translation Services.


You have spent approximately 2-3 months from the inception of this process until you hired one staff. Do you think all the process were transparent? Do you think all the CV’s were being evaluated fairly, taking into account their education and experience? Did you experience delays in this process?

Why not try Empire Business Solutions and experience all the services for yourself? Our independent process will ensure a timely transparent process, saving you time and money!

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